Buy, Rehab, Rent houses, Refinance, Repeat: How to Create Passive Income, Make Money, Reach Financial Freedom with Real Estate Investing for Beginners (Paperback)

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Have you ever wanted to get started with Real Estate Investing through a step by step complete guide? Do you want to know a simple but effective Rental Properties Strategy to maximize your Return On Investment and achieve financial freedom? Then keep reading...

As it is known already, Investments are important at providing extra income for people. And to others, it is their main source of income. Whether you are an employee or entrepreneur, this book contains crucial information you should know pertaining investments, not only in the traditional real estate investment plan, but also the new form of investment, the BRRRR method.

Okay, now that I have introduced the BRRRR strategy, you must be even more interested in understanding the basics behind it and how its adoption is a sure way of reaping large in the field of investment.

This book shows how to make one's profit from a property, what properties one can buy, properties that are of high value and those that could be a bad investment. Property can be very profitable taking into consideration the location and other factors which one can learn by reading this book.

Inside "Buy, Rehab, Rent Houses, Refinance, Repeat" you will learn:
  • Several methods of investment: examples, strategies and role of investor
  • To understand traditional real estate investing
  • 5 Secrets for rental property success
  • To find the right property and how to keep rental properties up and running
  • The BRRRR method made simple
  • 5 Risks of BRRRR strategy that nobody has ever told you and how to overcome them
  • A unique strategy to make one's profit from a property
  • How to maximize your ROI (return on investment)
  • Managing your rentals and types of management strategies
  • To avoid mistakes and exit strategies
  • Case study and graphics

Even if you are a beginner in real estate business, this book guides you, step by step, to avoid losses due to lack of experience, and answers all the questions that those who enter the investment of real estate can have, giving the most profitable solutions. If you are already an expert in this field, this book can give you interesting insights, refine your techniques, and explain the latest investment strategies for real estate, to be ahead of the competitors and maximize profit.

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Since everyone is money hungry, then this book is the best fit to know how to satisfy that hunger. Purchase now to know methods to avoid losses and to generate large passive income with Rental Properties Investing and the new BRRRR Strategy. Start now your life of success

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ISBN: 9781696280709
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Publisher: Independently Published
Publication Date: September 28th, 2019
Pages: 148
Language: English