Decalogue: A Novel of the Beginning: Book 10 of the Kristen-Seraphim Saga (Paperback)

Decalogue: A Novel of the Beginning: Book 10 of the Kristen-Seraphim Saga By G. V. Loewen Cover Image
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Do not love the dead. Do not hate the living. For life and world are one thing, and you are both, present in the second but the fullest presence of the first. Now the jaguar stood up and swaggered her tail back and forth. "Some of you might imagine that my speaking with you is a miraculous thing, or the work of an occult force. It is neither. It's simply our new friend's technology, discovered and sharpened in the same way that we make better cars than we used to; better, safer, more energy efficient. All of us benefit from that. It's by way of these skills that we are what we are today. But I do want to say that in my experience of animating a part of nature, I am very aware that human's use of the world has endangered it, taken it to the brink. It fills me with sorrow, something beyond my control to mitigate within this being. Animals do feel things after all. Not as we do, but they know pain, anguish even, though they know not its source. They don't have gods and devils immortal, but they have come to know we humans as both."Latent within the all in all is something deeper that awaits its advent. Deeper, wider, darker and yet blinding as is the truth itself. A supernova of supernature. The legendary community can only themselves await it in turn. But as it gradually begins to show itself, through freshly painted Renaissance masterworks, through the consciousness of semi-alien children, through the distorted ambit of the felid dreamscape, and finally, through the culmination of the heroic team's entire history, both Kristens, Seraphim, Mike, Smiley, Velvet and everyone else find themselves playing out the final scenes, with their own equally final fates to be forever decided.From a reviewer: "The grand finale of Kristen-Seraphim overtakes all of its previous narrative in an unbelievable torrent of political and metaphysical action. The world transformation has begun, but on no less than three worlds. We expect to learn of ultimate things; cosmic truths, personal fates, the end of time and time anew, and the narrative answers to all of these. More than this, and most importantly, a new Decalogue literally commands us to act as we have never acted before."

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ISBN: 9781682356302
ISBN-10: 1682356302
Publisher: Strategic Book Publishing
Publication Date: March 3rd, 2022
Pages: 700
Language: English