The ADHD Workbook for Teen Girls: Understand Your Neurodivergent Brain, Make the Most of Your Strengths, and Build Confidence to Thrive (Paperback)

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The ADHD Workbook for Teen Girls: Understand Your Neurodivergent Brain, Make the Most of Your Strengths, and Build Confidence to Thrive By Catherine J. Mutti-Driscoll, Edward M. Hallowell (Foreword by) Cover Image
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Understand your unique brain, maximize your strengths, and find the confidence to shine with this engaging workbook--just for you.

If you're a teen girl with attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD)--or suspect you may be--you've probably experienced a number of challenges in your life, including struggling in school, difficulty making friends, feeling like you have to be perfect, negative self-talk, fear of rejection, and intense emotions. You aren't alone. Although some people think that ADHD is "just for boys," rest assured that there are many, many girls out there just like you. This empowering guide offers tons of tips and tools to help you overcome your struggles, focus on what makes you awesomely unique, and live your best life.

Written by a mental health professional with first-hand experience living with ADHD, this friendly workbook offers evidence-based tools to help you gain a better understanding of your neurodivergent brain, focus on your strengths, advocate for yourself, and build the self-confidence needed to reach your fullest potential. You'll also find fun and easy activities to help you:

  • Work through difficult or negative emotions
  • Be your own ally
  • Stop letting negative thoughts define your life
  • Prioritize what really matters to you
  • Stop masking your symptoms and start advocating for yourself
  • Discover your own social style

Being a teen girl in today's world isn't easy--and it's even trickier when you have ADHD. But there are skills you can learn that will help you on the road to adulthood. With this workbook, you'll find powerful ways to manage your symptoms, make the most of your strengths, and even educate others about ADHD, so you can get the support you need to thrive.

A Note to Parents and Clinicians: The activities and exercises in this workbook are grounded in proven-effective therapies such as cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), dialectical behavior therapy (DBT), mindfulness, life coaching, self-compassion, and more. Teens will find self-assessments and tools to help them improve their executive functioning skills, deal with rejection sensitivity dysphoria (RSD), and handle the challenges of adolescence while living with ADHD.

About the Author

Catherine J. Mutti-Driscoll, PhD, loves to learn, and has a variety of degrees and certifications. Highlights include Catherine's PhD in education from the University of Washington, and her coach training from the International ADHD Coach Training Center and Impact Parents. Catherine is currently at Walden University studying to become a licensed mental health counselor. Writing a book has been a lifelong dream of Catherine's. When she is not working, studying, or writing, she enjoys hanging out with her neurodivergent family (one spouse and two sons!), drinking coffee with friends, dancing to Taylor Swift, and reading contemporary romances.Catherine lives in Seattle, WA.

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