Finding the Missing Peace: A Healing Journey to Wholeness (Paperback)

Finding the Missing Peace: A Healing Journey to Wholeness By Chris Duffy-Wentzel Cover Image
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A life-threatening diagnosis sent me on a race against time to unlock the secrets trapped within my sealed adoption records. After three decades of failed attempts and closed doors using traditional search methods, something had to change. The diagnosis intensified the need to find my birth mother and family medical history. Time was running out.

Then, through a message received in a dream, I was told that to unlock this mystery, "unconventional methods" were required. As an Immuno-virologist, I had built my career following protocols and things seen under a microscope. I would have to trust my inner guidance and become my own "Adoption Detective."

This led me on an odyssey I could not have imagined. Doors opened, people came forth and mysterious secrets of my birth and subsequent adoption were slowly revealed. Finding answers in different places - beyond science and reason placed me on a unique path, that eventually guided me to a medical intuitive, astrologer, psychic, medium, visualization processes, and past-life regression.

The journey evolved into much more than finding missing pieces of the past. It led me to an integrated healing journey, focused on my physical, emotional and spiritual wellbeing. A peace arose that wasn't dependent on the unpredictable nature of outside forces.

Finding the Missing Peace shares the process and resources that I used to embrace the idea that healing is not about fixing anything that's broken. It's about creating space for stillness, unlocking your inner guidance system, self-acceptance, and remembering the wholeness that is you.

Could my unknown birth family hold the keys to saving my life and finding peace?

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ISBN: 9781641845403
ISBN-10: 1641845406
Publisher: Prashanti Group LLC
Publication Date: June 7th, 2021
Pages: 244
Language: English