Lola The Lizard And Friends (Paperback)

Lola The Lizard And Friends By Louise Parsons Battles Cover Image


These stories were originally written for two special young friends who traveled to another country with their parents to teach about Jesus. This country had some strange customs. For example, elephants sometimes had lights tied to their tails in order to be seen at night as they lumbered down the streets. Also, lizards were allowed coats, closets and cabinets. Although they were neither dirty nor dangerous, it was startling to see them staring into your eyes when you awoke from a nap. In an attempt to make my young friends feel less afraid, I wrote these stories about Lola the Lizard, Chicken Will and a few more unlikely friends. Lola and Chicken Will became fast friends ... well, as fast friends as a wooden chicken and an energetic lizard can become. They cooperate in some parties and have some adventures that are more than a little unusual. I hope my readers enjoy these stories as much as my young friends reported. Love, Mrs. B

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ISBN: 9781640280502
ISBN-10: 1640280502
Publisher: Christian Faith Publishing, Inc.
Publication Date: December 18th, 2017
Pages: 60
Language: English