Curious Adventures Awaits: Imagination Runs Wild (Paperback)

Curious Adventures Awaits: Imagination Runs Wild By April Larkin, Ava Small Cover Image
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Come on a journey with a little girl named Ava as she explores the adventurous imagination of her mind. With the encouragement and love from her mom and her dolls backing her up, Ava lets her imagination explore.

The day starts like any other day, with Mom making breakfast to start her and Ava's day. Ava gathers her dolls as she comes to the breakfast table to meet with Mom. Ava's mind has already started racing with adventurous ideas for her and her friends (her dolls) to get into. Mom smiles as she listens to Ava's curious mind fill with new adventures for the day. After a healthy breakfast, Ava goes to school where she is excited to learn new lessons from her teacher. Once the school day has almost come to an end after recess, Ava goes on her next adventure to a beautiful magical land with her dolls. After a beautiful day at school, Ava waits for Mom to pick her up to head home.

After Ava and Mom get home, Mom starts cooking dinner, and Ava starts on her homework. Once Ava finishes her homework, she realizes the most important adventure of the day is awaiting her and her friends (her dolls). Ava starts to bring out more dolls to set up for a meeting. After she placed all her friends, she goes and puts on her beautiful purple dress for her important meeting. Once Ava starts the meeting, her mom comes in the room to announce dinner is ready. Ava and Mom have a great time at dinner and after, Mom sends Ava upstairs to get ready for bed.

Once Ava is ready for bed, she resumes her meeting with her dolls before she must go to sleep. Before Mom tucks Ava in bed for the night, Mom goes over an important lesson Ava is learning from her play.

This is a beautiful children's story with an important message at the end.

Product Details
ISBN: 9781639614561
ISBN-10: 1639614567
Publisher: Christian Faith
Publication Date: February 17th, 2022
Pages: 34
Language: English