Taking Justice (Paperback)

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As my wife and I walked up to the West Palm Beach Courthouse after 2 weeks of trial, we both realized that within a few moments, our whole life could be ruined. With a monumental verdict against us and a malpractice insurance policy that would only cover $250,000, annihilation is the only word that would fit our destiny. Facing experts from Harvard, John's Hopkins and other major universities, we felt microscopic even though we had dedicated our whole lives to medicine and making people's lives better everyday.

When the verdict was about to be delivered and as we stood with the jury filing in, the race track of sweat running under my shirt and tie with instructions not to make a sound when the verdict was read, our hearts stopped. And those words,

"How do you find the defendant, Dr. David Vastola..................

Follow my journey though this whole court experience and then relate to "Taking Justice" wherein a noted and respected doctor faces the situation he fears most.

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ISBN: 9781635541816
ISBN-10: 1635541816
Publisher: W & B Publishers
Publication Date: December 13th, 2019
Pages: 216
Language: English