Organic Fruits and Vegetables: Growing Healthy and Delicious Food at Home (Paperback)

Organic Fruits and Vegetables: Growing Healthy and Delicious Food at Home By Teo Gómez, Quico Barranco (With) Cover Image


This book offers a clear picture of all that we need to know to make our small plot of land the most productive it can be. The authors present the information in a way that is cognizant to the people, plants, insects, and animals that live on the land. Thus, they do not recommend the use of pesticides or fertilizers or any other product that can be poisonous or unnatural. They choose organic seeds to maintain practices that promote, rather than destroy, the environment. This book contains, among other themes:

• Horticultural techniques, from irrigation practices to sowing, tending, and harvesting
• 1,001 ways to get rid of creatures that plague us, without exterminating them
• All the plants we can grow and how to do so in the best way possible
• Fruit trees, aromatic plants, and plants you can eat
• Plants you should avoid
• And much more!

About the Author

Teo Gómez is a writer who, for more than twenty years, has dedicated himself to gardening on the weekends. He resides in Spain.

Quico Barranco has been an agriculture teacher for many years. He has written for magazines and has created techniques such as the “recovery wheel” to help grow better crops. He is also active in conserving and promoting biologic seeds. He resides in Spain.

Product Details
ISBN: 9781634503471
ISBN-10: 1634503473
Publisher: Skyhorse
Publication Date: February 16th, 2016
Pages: 256
Language: English