The Shambles (Hardcover)

The Shambles By Gordon Bonnet Cover Image


Sometimes the lost don't want to be found.

Tucker Ferguson thought his life was moving along in a predictable fashion--working as an athletic trainer by day, clubbing and partying at night. Then he receives a mysterious plea for help on his cell phone, and he soon finds himself trapped in an alternate dimension he can't escape.

Other odd things are happening elswhere in Colville, New York, though. Wry, plain-spoken Police Officer Dean Williamson and his earnest, dedicated partner Khalil Mansour have been chasing a petty thief who has the ability to appear out of nowhere and disappear again at will. When they make the connection between Tucker's disappearance and the thief's antics, the situation takes a turn in a markedly sinister direction.

The three men are drawn into the connections between our world and the Shambles--that mysterious, shadowy place where all the lost things go. Lost socks, lost car keys--and lost people. And when a young megalomaniac decides that she wants the Shambles to be her kingdom, regardless of whose life it costs, Tucker is jerked out of his complacency into a world where there are no rules--and Mansour and Williamson may be the only ones who can save his life.

Product Details
ISBN: 9781633734920
ISBN-10: 1633734927
Publisher: Solasta Press
Publication Date: June 25th, 2019
Pages: 240
Language: English