The Reset Workbook: A Guide to Finding Your Inner Magic (Diary)

The Reset Workbook: A Guide to Finding Your Inner Magic By Justin Shiels Cover Image


Discover your inner magic and design a life you love!

Bursting with energy and joy, this guided journal from artist and speaker Justin Shiels will help you refresh and recharge in any areas of life where you may be feeling stuck. It's time for a life reset if:
·       You're always tired
·       You feel out of sync
·       You're living on autopilot
·       You feel disconnected
·       You're ready for change

This joyful journal will help you create new habits and rituals and set inspired (yet practical) goals to fulfill your dreams. With vibrant illustrations and playful writing prompts, Justin Shiels will help you explore where you are now and where you'd like to be working through these areas of change:
·        Strengthen Your Mind
·        Find Purpose
·        Love Your Body
·        Practice Self-Care
·        Embrace Spirit
·        Practice Emotional Intelligence
·        Enjoy Work
·        Balance Your Life
·        Develop Rituals
·        Set Epic Goals

The Reset Workbook will help empower you to adapt, grow, and change. Are you ready to design the life you love?

About the Author

Justin Shiels is a creative director, coach, public speaker, Instagram micro-influencer, and founder of the creative community SoCurious, who creates hand-drawn illustrations that provide encouragement in a complicated world. Leveraging his experience as a Black, gay artist, his self-care and wellness content resonates widely, encouraging vulnerability, connection, and personal growth. He spent many years in advertising and marketing, and his experience developing social content across platforms helps him to connect with new audiences. Justin has a big smile and an open heart.

Product Details
ISBN: 9781632174765
ISBN-10: 1632174766
Publisher: Spruce Books
Publication Date: December 5th, 2023
Pages: 192
Language: English