100 Places in Greece Every Woman Should Go (Paperback)

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100 Places in Greece Every Woman Should Go, a series of 100 essays overflowing with charm, wit, and wisdom, is an indispensable tool to plan your next trip to a country where the voices of the goddesses still whisper in the winds. Uncover the unexpected charms of Athens, float down the real River Styx, and learn of miraculous healing involving snakes, saintly relics, and women's underwear. Learn how Corinth's ancient temple prostitution gives new meaning to the term "sex and the city," and discover an ancient mystery cult on Lesbos. Sail to Leros, birthplace of Artemis and an island known as a destination for the insane, and make a stop on Skopelos to see that fantastic cliff top church where Meryl Streep belted out Abba tunes.

With style, intelligence, and personal anecdotes, archaeologist and award-winning travel writer Amanda Summer is your personal guide to the best of Greece. Crisp, humorous storytelling introduces the temples, shrines, grottoes, and churches of this magnificent country, intricately woven with stories of the women -- from goddesses to artistic legends like Melina Mercouri and Maria Callas.

Sexy, scholarly and spiritual, 100 Places in Greece Every Woman Should Go is a must for every traveler.

About the Author

Amanda Summer is an archaeologist and award-winning writer whose work has appeared in "The New York Times, Islands, Archaeology, Odyssey" and "The Best Travel Writing." For the past 30 years she has returned to the Greek island of Ithaka, where she searched for the palace of Odysseus starting in 1984 with a team from Washington University in St. Louis. Currently she is on staff with the Iklaina Archaeological Project in Pylos, Greece. Even though she has traced the odyssey of history's most famous male adventurer, she has a passion for stories about women who have found transformation through travel.

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ISBN: 9781609521073
ISBN-10: 1609521072
Publisher: Travelers' Tales
Publication Date: February 23rd, 2016
Pages: 432
Language: English
Series: 100 Places