The FileMaker Pro 7 Designer's Handbook (Paperback)

The FileMaker Pro 7 Designer's Handbook By Alan Graham Cover Image


Filemaker is a professional level database creation tool that allows design and construction both of the underlying database tables and the GUI. Readers can easily create powerful reporting and data management tools, allowing a great amount of control over their data. They can also easily generate web interfaces, and import data from MS Word, Excel, and other sources. Most Filemaker developers put little thought or time into the Graphical User Interface. One of the reason is due to the limited tools within Filemaker when it comes to graphic design. This can make building an attractive interface problematic and time consuming.

There are many books of various levels available on Filemaker database tools, however this book is not just about scripting, fields, and relationships. It is all about intelligent GUI design. This book demonstrates how to maximize the effectiveness of Filemaker's built in tools such as templates, windows, and scripting and automation tools, and to combine them with external tools to build an effective and attractive UI. Since no other book deals with Filemaker from this angle, and it provides instructional and reference sections, it will become the de facto voice on Filemaker GUI design that no Filemaker designer can afford to be without.

Product Details
ISBN: 9781590595107
ISBN-10: 1590595106
Publisher: Friends of ED
Publication Date: July 11th, 2005
Pages: 300
Language: English