Bittersweet Blessing: 16 & Pregnant (Hardcover)

Bittersweet Blessing: 16 & Pregnant By Ashley Salazar Cover Image


When high-school junior Ashley Salazar learned she was pregnant, she immediately started a blog to document the difficult, life-altering experience. Little did she know how life-altering it would actually be. Later, she applied online to be considered for the cast of MTV’s hit show 16 & Pregnant. The show responded quickly and her story will be told as the season 2 finale in a special 90-minute episode aired in December 2010. Her memoir takes the viewer further back and further forward, and chronicles the tortured indecision she faces as she decides whether its best for her baby to give her up for adoption or take the dramatic step toward motherhood.

About the Author

Ashley D. Salazar is from McKinney, Texas. Now 19 years old, she is the subject of an upcoming special episode of MTV’s enormously successful show 16 & Pregnant. Currently, she is living in New York City attending the New School.

Product Details
ISBN: 9781576875841
ISBN-10: 1576875849
Publisher: MTV Press
Publication Date: January 24th, 2012
Pages: 224
Language: English