The Battle of the Berezina: Napoleon's Great Escape (Paperback)

The Battle of the Berezina: Napoleon's Great Escape By Alexander Mikaberidze Cover Image


First full-length study of the climax of the 1812 campaign - the battle at the Berezina river.

In the winter of 1812, Napoleon's army retreated from Moscow under appalling conditions, hunted by three separate Russian armies, its chances of survival apparently nil. By late November Napoleon had reached the banks of the River Berezina - the last natural obstacle between his army and the safety of the Polish frontier. But instead of finding the river frozen solid enough to march his men across, an unseasonable thaw had turned the Berezina into an icy torrent. Having already ordered the burning of his bridging equipment, Napoleon's predicament was serious enough: but with the army of Admiral Chichagov holding the opposite bank, and those of Kutusov and Wittgenstein closing fast, it was critical. Only a miracle could save him...

In a gripping narrative, Alexander Mikaberidze describes how Napoleon rose from the pit of despair to the peak of his powers in order to achieve that miracle. Drawing on contemporary sources - letters, diaries, memoirs - he recreates one of the greatest escapes in military history - a story often half-told in general histories of the Russian campaign but never before fully explored.

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ISBN: 9781526783714
ISBN-10: 1526783711
Publisher: Pen & Sword Military
Publication Date: December 2nd, 2020
Pages: 288
Language: English