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A complete address book for family and friends. Beautiful grey scale fine art paintings of seascapes, sea animals, forest and falls, the perfect book you will want to keep for years and years.

About the Author

Laurel is a wife and mommy, a writer and artist, believer in the better nature of mankind healthy earth healthy inhabitants Soli Deo Gloria forever. Laurel has dedicated her life to making the world a better place and has chosen the gifts God has given her to share with the world. Her love of God, family, and God's creation have been upper most in her thoughts for decades. She creates every painting and work of literature with the same passion filled spirit of one someone would expect who walks close with the Lord. This is Laurel' story, it is that simple. Laurel paints with whirling, vibrant, changing rainbows of color on her canvas and through her words in books and stories. She brings all of her artistic knowledge base and excellence into each and every single piece, be it a painting or a book, and she flies with the wind of the Lord guiding her path. Laurel has studied the most famous artists of all time and is appropriately thankful for those people who have come forth and said to her that, "Your paintings looks like a Van Gogh or Monet!" Laurel appreciates what these critics see and say about her art. Laurel takes no shortcuts to minimalize any painting or book she's written. These are the things that separate Laurel from some other artists. Though Laurel hopes many artists who already do share many of the elements she incorporates in her arts will be increasingly generated in other artists globally. Laurel recognizes that 'Art Talks, ' is a very real universal language touching hearts and souls of creation worldwide. 'Art Talks' is art primarily painted or written art forms that inspire humans to love God, Mother Earth, God's creation, and humanity bringing all to the table to talk about peace and love among mankind for one another and the earth. A peaceful, loving world, can't refuse to care for the earth and it's wellness, productivity, sustainability, and leaving much of worlds glorious and wonderful places in their natural beauty way always.-Laurel Marie Sobol This book has 33 pages. Laurel has written over 50 editions of inspiring books, get one and enjoy your reading!

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ISBN: 9781494782474
ISBN-10: 1494782472
Publisher: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
Publication Date: December 23rd, 2013
Pages: 208
Language: English