The Soviet–Afghan War: 1979–89 (Essential Histories) (Paperback)

The Soviet–Afghan War: 1979–89 (Essential Histories) By Gregory Fremont-Barnes Cover Image
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A fully illustrated overview of the USSR's bloody conflict in Afghanistan and its long legacy.

The Soviet invasion of its neighbour Afghanistan in December 1979 sparked a nine-year conflict until Soviet forces withdrew in 1988–89, dooming the communist Afghanistan government to defeat at the hands of the mujahideen, the Afghan popular resistance backed by the USA and other powers. Gregory Fremont-Barnes reveals how the Soviet invasion had enormous implications on the global stage; it prompted the US Senate to refuse to ratify the hard-won SALT II arms-limitation treaty, and the USA and 64 other countries boycotted the 1980 Moscow Summer Olympics. For Afghanistan, the invasion served to prolong the interminable civil war that pitted central government against the regions and faction against faction.

Updated and revised for the new edition, with full-colour maps and new images throughout, this succinct account explains the origins, events and consequences of the Soviet intervention in Afghanistan, shedding new light on the more recent history – and prospects – of that troubled country.

About the Author

Gregory Fremont-Barnes holds a doctorate in Modern History from the University of Oxford. He has written extensively on a range of subjects covering military affairs from the 18th to the 21st centuries, and has a particular interest in insurgency and counterinsurgency. In addition to teaching cadets, he travels widely for the Ministry of Defence, running courses for foreign military and intelligence officers, and spent two years in Afghanistan on Operation Toral.

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