Merv: The Heart of the Silk Road (Game)

Merv: The Heart of the Silk Road By Fabio Lopiano, Ian O'Toole (Illustrator) Cover Image
By Fabio Lopiano, Ian O'Toole (Illustrator)


A tense economic game charting the rise and fall of the greatest city in the world.

In Merv: The Heart of the Silk Road players are vying to amass power and wealth in the prosperous heart of the Silk Road. Through careful court intrigue, timely donations to the grand mosque, and securing favorable trade deals, players attempt to redirect as much of that prosperity as possible into their own pockets.

Meanwhile, beyond the city walls Mongol hordes approach. If you help construct the city walls you give up on precious opportunities to build up your own stature, but leave it unprotected and you will burn with the city. Every decision is weighty and the consequences of each misstep are dire. Will you rise to prominence or fade into oblivion?

Number of players:
Ages: 14+
Play time: 90 - 120 minutes
Components: Board, 24 tiles, 60 cards, 200+ tokens

About the Author

Fabio Lopiano has recently turned his attention toward game design, having enjoyed a distinguished programming career, working for Google, Facebook, and DeepMind. With many well received and critically acclaimed titles in the last few years, including Merv and Zapotec, Fabio is widely considered one of the most promising up and coming designers in the UK.

After growing up in Sicily and studying in Tuscany, Fabio now lives in London, UK.

Ian is an Irish graphic designer and illustrator working out of Perth in Western Australia, particularly acclaimed for his work on titles such as Lisboa and The Gallerist. Focused primarily on tabletop gaming, Ian's work combines his experience in concise visual communication with his flexible approach to illustration.

Praise For…

"If you enjoy this kind of game I think you’re really going to like it. I myself am a fan of it, it’s one I intend to keep bringing back to the table" - Zee Garcia, The Dice Tower

"This game is fantastic. It hits on all cylinders" - Richard Ham, RahdoRunsThrough

"Merv is great. It's gorgeous!" - BGG

"I love this game" - Man Vs Meeple

"One for experienced Eurogamers who like a lot of mileage out of their purchase" - Tabletop Gaming Magazine

"I think Merv is a brilliantly clever game" - Slickerdrips

"It is a beautiful game [...] but more than that the game itself is really good!" - Board Games in a Minute

Product Details
ISBN: 9781472842411
ISBN-10: 1472842413
Publisher: Osprey Games
Publication Date: December 1st, 2020
Language: English