Carrier Pigeon: Illustrated Fiction & Fine Art Volume 4 Issue 3 (Paperback)

Carrier Pigeon: Illustrated Fiction & Fine Art Volume 4 Issue 3 By Avraham Eilat (Artist) Cover Image
By Avraham Eilat (Artist)


Carrier Pigeon Volume 4 issue 3 is the 15th edition of the illustrated fiction and fine art magazine and includes 1 of 8 two-color silkscreen prints printed on Arnhem 1618 paper with ink by Speedball Art products by co-founder Matt Barteluce as well as a perforated cardboard slip cover by artist Avraham Eilat.
Illustrated fiction featured in this issue includes Spilled by Gabrielle Povolotsky with Illustrations by Faith Lindley, Love and Wishes by Lynda Sexson with Illustrations by Raymond Hwang, Wesley's Fire by Shaun McMichael with Illustrations by Jeffery Erwin, Drive-Thru Hero by Peter Pentoney with Illustrations by Josh Bayer, O.X.T. Cannot Die by Victor Giannini with Illustrations by Bruce Waldman, Time Shiva by Taira Lelah with Illustrations by Anderson V Kevin. Fine Art Portfolios featured in this issue are by CON$TANT (Constant Bernard), Sarah Walko, John Jacobsmeyer, Phoebe Deutsch, John Ensor Parker and Xin Ran Ma.

Product Details
ISBN: 9781467589239
ISBN-10: 1467589233
Publisher: Paper Crown Press
Publication Date: December 12th, 2015
Pages: 134
Language: English