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Introduction.- 1. Nouns: plurals, countable vs uncountable.- 2. Genitive: the possessive form of nouns.- 3. Indefinite article: a / an.- 4. Definite article: the.- 5. Zero article: no article.- 6. Quantifiers: any, some, much, many, each, every etc.- 7. Relative pronouns: that, which, who, whose.- 8. Tenses: present, past, future.- 9. Conditional forms: zero, first, second, third.- 10. Passive vs active: impersonal vs personal forms.- 11. Imperative, infinitive, gerund (-ing form).- 12. Modal verbs: can, may, could, should, must etc.- 13. Link words (adverbs and conjunctions): also, although, but etc.- 14. Adverbs and prepositions: already, yet, at, in, of etc.- 15. Sentence length, conciseness, clarity and ambiguity.- 16. Word order: nouns and verbs.- 17. Word order: adverbs.- 18. Word order: adjectives and past participles.- 19. Comparative and superlative: -er, -est, irregular forms.- 20. Measurements: abbreviations, symbols, use of articles.- 21. Numbers: words vs numerals, plurals, use of articles etc.- 22. Acronyms: usage, grammar, plurals, punctuation.- 23. Abbreviations and Latin words: usage, meaning, punctuation.- 24. Capitalization: headings, dates, figures etc.- 25. Punctuation: apostrophes, colons, commas etc.- 26. Referring to the literature.- 27. Figures and tables: making reference, writing captions and legends.- 28. Spelling: rules, US vs GB, typical typos.- Appendix 1 - Verbs, nouns and adjectives + prepositions.- Appendix 2 - Glossary of terms used in this book.- Index.

About the Author

Adrian Wallwork is the author of more than 30 English Language Teaching (ELT) and English for Academic Purposes (EAP) textbooks. He has trained several thousand PhD students and researchers from 40 countries to prepare and give presentations. Since 1984 he has been revising research manuscripts through his own proofreading and editing service.

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