From Plight to Promise (Paperback)

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"From Plight to Promise" is interest-evoking, conviction-inspiring, and a powerfully irrefutable read. It will introduce to some and enhance for others the knowledge and understanding of a fundamental culture which was designed to give meaning to reality.

That's our amazing story as a people and within our story is his story, and From Plight to Promise tells that compelling story. Acknowledging that our unique experience with its many triumphs and tragedies is still the embodiment of totality.

Because of history's profound disdain for people of color, he wanted his children to know and understand that in reality there is only one race, "the human race," which has been proven to have originated in Afrika.

He exposed his children to our amazing story to bring truth to their reality and to build character by showing and teaching them the distinctive nature of their Afrikan origin. More specifically, he wanted children of color globally to know and understand that they are so much more than what history has told them they are.

From Plight to Promise is an insightful and compelling narrative intended for all people, because it exposes the changeable and unchangeable nature of life circumstances, but it also gives the necessary wisdom, knowledge, and understanding to address those circumstances.

Ase (it is so)

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ISBN: 9781456638177
ISBN-10: 1456638173
Publication Date: November 12th, 2021
Pages: 196
Language: English