Education, Democracy & Leadership: Changing Old African Cultures and Timing Innovative & Strategic Policies (Paperback)

Education, Democracy & Leadership: Changing Old African Cultures and Timing Innovative & Strategic Policies By Joseph Haba Cover Image
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For African parent who still think that their children will get a better future in Europe, I tell them to think twice before sending their children. There is a new form of slavery promoted by dictators and their accomplices as they mislead their population. The time has come for African parents to know what has happened to some of their children after they have left Africa. Okafor (n.d.) argued:
In this other form of slavery, young African women were falsely promised better life and employment in foreign land - Europe. These women were promised salvation from the impoverishment, hopelessness, unemployment, underemployment, illiteracy, nepotism, sex discrimination, and traditionally sanctioned oppression. Upon arrival at their European destinations, they were bundled, chained, imprisoned and locked up into prostitution. They became slaves to their pimps (masters) and were converted into sex slave for their European customers against their wills and without being compensated.
African nations should take the initiative to welcome every body of African descent to have a resting place in Africa. I do not consider appropriate to see our great-grandparents buried or cremated outside Africa. It should be the responsibility of African Leaders and people of African descent to have resting places in every African country. This is a right, not a privilege. Our brothers and sisters did not choose to become slaves, we sold them to slavery; hence, we should take the initiative and responsibility to give them back the dignity we stole from them. We didn't have the right to tell them Who are you? by selling them and stealing everything they had. What a shame that African leaders have not been doing better Since Africa sold them and stole their inheritance, their culture, Africa has to give everything that was stolen back to them. Before Africa tells the West to pay back everything that was stolen in Africa, Africa needs to clean its backyard, the only way to restore Africa's dignity.

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