A Photographic History of Amphibious Warfare 1939-1945 (Hardcover)

A Photographic History of Amphibious Warfare 1939-1945 By Simon Forty, Jonathan Forty Cover Image


"...contains a plethora of after-action reports, diagrams and text which makes the work a thorough and engaging study of amphibious landings during the war." --WWII History Magazine

Amphibious operations have always been an important element of warfare, but they reached their climax during the Second World War when they were carried out on a large scale in every theater of the conflict. That is why this wide-ranging, highly illustrated history of amphibious warfare 1939-1945 by Simon and Jonathan Forty is of such value.

Their book gives graphic accounts of the main amphibious assaults launched by the major combatants, in particular the British, American, German and Japanese - not just large-scale landings like those in North Africa, Normandy, the Philippines and Okinawa, but also raids such as Dieppe and St Nazaire and evacuations like Dunkirk and Kerch.

The rapid development of amphibious tactics and equipment is an essential element of the story, as are the vital roles played by the navies, air forces, armies and special forces in each complex combined operation. There is also a section on amphibious operations that were planned but didn't happen, such as the German invasion of Britain and the Italian and German operation against Malta.

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ISBN: 9781399082655
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Publisher: Pen and Sword Maritime
Publication Date: April 6th, 2023
Pages: 256
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