Weekly Reader: Summer Express (Between Grades 2 & 3) Workbook (Paperback)

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Give children a head start in school! This colorful, fun-filled workbook is designed to reinforce skills through engaging activities. With more than 100 curriculum-based pages–arranged in a progressive, 10-week format–targeting vocabulary, reading, writing, spelling, phonics, grammar, math, and more this book will help prepare second graders for third grade. A summer’s worth of great learning from the trusted editors of Weekly Reader.

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"The Weekly Reader Summer Express series continues to set a brilliant standard for children's eduction. Each book is a collection of 10 weeks worth of lessons centered on Reading, Writing, and math with a an intro to Sciences to keep up child brushed up on their education thru the summer break.

The between grades 2-3 volume ups the ante by having a child work on skipping numbers, identifying odd and even numbers as well as addition and subtraction and a child continues to learn about money in this issue learning how to make change. Reading comprehension continues while emphasis on phonics and short vowels but this is the writing lessons begin with this volume as children learn about nouns: pronouns, collective nouns, possessive nouns, and punctuation.

All lessons are brief and to the point, able to capture a child's attention and entertain at the same time. I love that the weekly readers are just as much fun now as they were when I was a child. I actually looked forward to these." --D. Matlack

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'Fantastic. These Summer Express workbooks are great. You can give a page a day or let them do 2 on Monday and Wednesday and one on Friday if daily is too much for your schedule as a parent. I like the format and style and lessons in the workbook. I don't mind taking 15 minutes to have interactive learning time with my kids. It can become good quality time together. I usually up the ante on the rewards by letting them cash in on prizes by using star stickers as currency. They love it. You can add to the learning if you feel it is not enough. What I like about it is that it forms a good structure that can be built off of. I think it is a great investment and a bargain for $8 at time of review. The review sample sent came in a padded envelope and arrived in good condition. There are tips for use in the front of the workbook. Next are the weeks color coded by tabs. The answer key is in the back. The last page has the star stickers. I would actually like these sections to be separable from the rest. But that is not necessary if you are in the same room with your child while going thru it. Which I would highly recommend that you be. Love it. 5 stars." --Earth Spirits

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"I love the idea of giving your child a headstart before the new school year. I also like the idea of continuing to review and practice the skills they learned from the previous school year. Having a bit of school structure during our summer break is just what I have been looking for. This program looks like it will provide just the right amount of practice mixed with fun for my child. The illustrations on the pages are colorful and inviting. The incentive chart and stickers provided will help with a little extra motivation for a fun summer reward upon completion." --Mimi

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"The subject of English was my favorite one growing up and it seems to be a lost art in today's world of LOL, BRB, and ROTFL. But knowing how to read, write, and speak properly is essential to the progression of our society. That's why I loved seeing this Weekly Reader: Summer Express (Between Grades 2 & 3) material from Scholastic Teaching Resources because now more than ever the kids growing up need to learn the basics of communication that begin with these critical English skills. The layout of the resource is phenomenal with a 10-week course that builds on the knowledge of the previous week that helps second graders get a head start on their classmates that will be beginning third grade. I can't imagine why you wouldn't want your child to keep the learning going even during the summertime. So get this and watch your kid read, write, and speak better than you!" --Jimmy Moore from Livin' La Vida Low-Carb

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"When I was in grade school, I enjoyed Scholastic's WEEKLY READER, except that the teacher's hated pop quizzes took much of the learning pleasure away. This WEEKLY READER: SUMMER EXPRESS (Between Grades 2 & 3) workbook shows that the Scholastic folks haven't lost their touch. It's filled with a lot of interesting puzzle activity pages (70 in all) for kids to complete (1 per day for 10 weeks) in the summer between 2nd and 3rd grade.

There's a complete answer key for parents, and a page of star-shaped stickers for ""grading"" and rewarding the child's work. The puzzles help the child review 2nd grade skills, and get a head start on 3rd grade skills, in math, reading, writing, grammar, and vocabulary.

I find these fun to do, so parents and kids shouldn't be totally bored. For example, one Week 7 page shows a cartoon octopus in front of a school supplies store, and asks the question, ""Why is the octopus crossing the road?"" To get the answer, the child works 12 subtraction problems to get a number that represents a letter; then the child writes the letter over a corresponding numbered blank to decode a sentence that reads, 'To get a pen for its ink.'" --Lynne E.

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"My son will be starting third grade in the fall and, while we normally enroll him in a summer school program, we won't be able to this summer. I think this workbook will be a great aid in keeping his mind sharp over the long break. This book has ten weeks of exercises, two pages for each weekday. There is generally one math page and one language arts page per day.

The exercises are all interesting and are not repetitive at all. Some incorporate puzzles while others are more traditional. The two pages per day is a perfect amount to keep a child's mind engaged without being too much to be frustrating or boring. After looking through the exercises, I could tell that some would be very easy for my son while other would require more thought. I might skip over some of the easier ones, just keeping a few for review purposes, and have him do the more engaging and thought-provoking ones.

The book also comes with weekly certificates, reward stickers, incentive charts, and a completion certificate to help with motivating your child. Also included are an answer key, tips for each week, and skill building activities. Overall, this is a very nice summer workbook, very suited to the grade level with varied interesting exercises." --Squeal

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"Fantastic-great product-grandson loves this one" --Brenda Burke

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ISBN: 9781338108910
ISBN-10: 1338108913
Publisher: Teaching Resources
Publication Date: January 1st, 2017
Pages: 144
Language: English
Series: Weekly Reader: Summer Express