Weekly Reader: Summer Express (Between Grades 1 & 2) Workbook (Paperback)

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Give children a head start in school! This colorful, fun-filled workbook is designed to reinforce skills through engaging activities. With more than 100 curriculum-based pages–arranged in a progressive, 10-week format–targeting vocabulary, reading, writing, phonics, grammar, math, and more this book will help prepare first graders for second grade. A summer’s worth of great learning from the trusted editors of Weekly Reader.

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"Is there is one, and only one, activity ALL teachers would agree on, that is that children MUST be engaged in reading during the summer. Anybody knows this. It is a fact that reading is the most important skill a child can learn in school. Without reading, there is no writing, and therefore, no academic skills can be accomplished.

These guides help parents ease the pain of having to force kids to read. They are very well designed, they motivate young children to read, and they get the basic skills across really well.

Get it and see it for yourself. The price is great, and this should be a no-brainer." --Benjamin

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"Scholastic has made another wonderful book and program. I like that this Summer Express program focuses on math, reading, writiing, grammar and vocabulary, all aimed for between grades 1 and 2. I like how it is organized with the week number, day number and focus for that work page in the top corner of each page. It gives a quick reminder of where we should be and what objective we're focusing on. The pages are simple and yet provide the practice and talking points for further learning. The back of the book also provides the answer key for each page, in an easy to find and read format." --Mimi

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"This is fun and challenging to keep the mind fresh and ready to start school again! There are 100 pages of 10 week sections. Each cover vocabulary, reading, writing, phonics, grammar and math. The pages are bright and colorful. It really will draw your first graders attention in and prepare them for second grade. They will be excited to learn during the summer!" --Sarah Fuller

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"This is a cool paperback workbook with fun daily learning activities for retaining and strengthening math and language skills. It aims to be low pressure but rewarding to the child, to motivate and encourage learning. It also has some helpful tips to parents in the beginning, on how to maximize the impact and get the child into the routine. We will update after we've used it with our six year old, as to how she responds to it." --Rivendell

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"This is a great workbook for reinforcing learning and helping to prevent summer learning loss. The cover picture with the young girl in the pool makes it look like there will be fun stuff inside. It is laid out in a fun and aesthetically pleasing way with colorful pictures, stickers, games, and many activities. It is relatively easy for my 1st grader to figure out what to do (for many of the pages, though others do require assistance from an adult). Answer keys are included at the back. Overall, a great workbook for reinforcing learning during the summer months." --Sherry L. Barr

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"Teachers frequently bemoan the fact that children lose knowledge over the summer, so the first few weeks of a new school year are often dedicated to a review. To help the children in your family practice and retain learned materials as well as get a head start on new materials, a great activity is summer reading or summer practice. The Weekly Reader Summer Express is perfect for students. This particular book is for the grades 1 and 2, so either a rising Kindergarten student or a rising 1st grade student can use this. It covers math, reading writing, grammar, and vocabulary. There are colorful pictures and stickers, games, stories, writing and a large number of activities. The back of the book as the answer sheets so the student can self check, or these can be removed for the parent to use. Many of the activities are self directed, but some students may need assistance from an older sibling or parent. My granddaughter, finishing 1st grade, loves this book. There are just enough easy things to make her feel confident and then a few more challenging things that we can help her with.

Overall, this is just an excellent activity and learning book." --Texas Rose

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"I love workbooks that help my granddaughter in her learning experience. These Weekly Reader Summer Express books are no difference. I remember receiving the actual weekly reader as a child and couldn't wait until Fridays, the day we received them.

These books especially help in what some call the off season, like summer, spring and the holiday break. However, I use them all year round. These books include topics of math, reading, writing, grammar and vocabulary. My granddaughter is in the first grade, and I did find that this book was way too easy for her. So if you have a more advanced child, you may want to try the ext grade up. This particular book is recommended for 1st - 2nd grade.

My granddaughter just finished up Spring Break and she already finished the book from start to finish. She loves the books, but as I stated above, if you want to challenge your child, try the next level up. Her favorite parts were the missing sums in the math section, the word searches, and the world problems. There is an incentive chart and award at various stages in the book to help encourage your child to do their best. There is a final certificate of completion, teachers answers and stickers at the back of the book (of stars) and she loves the stickers. Although I love this particular brand of book, I have purchased better ones for this price point, and with more activities, etc." --That Literary Lady

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"Well with a lot of ""inovative"" (I use this term very loosely) teaching programs being introduced into public schools it is really nice to see that the good ol' Scholastic Weekly Reader is exactly the way I remember it over 40 years ago.

Fun, basic and to the point in educating a child. What is sad is that Weekly Reader used to be a fun extra credit type supplement to a teaching format that is already in place. Now days it is the educational supplement that will help a child learn and stay on pace despite the subterfudge of Common Core. And now parents need to provide this book and their time to combat what is not being learned in school." --D. Matlack

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ISBN: 9781338108903
ISBN-10: 1338108905
Publisher: Teaching Resources
Publication Date: January 1st, 2017
Pages: 144
Language: English
Series: Weekly Reader: Summer Express