Weekly Reader: Summer Express (Between Grades PreK & K) Workbook (Paperback)

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Give children a head start in school! This colorful, fun-filled workbook is designed to reinforce skills through engaging activities. With more than 100 curriculum-based pages–arranged in a progressive, 10-week format–targeting handwriting, alphabet and number recognition, reading, phonics, math, and more this book will help prepare preschoolers for kindergarten. A summer’s worth of great learning from the trusted editors of Weekly Reader!

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"This book is broken down into 10 weeks. It lays out what to do each day of the week. I would say it is more of a review book than an intro book. It covers math and phonics. It has the answer pages in the back. It also has a cute certificate of completion and has a page of star stickers to use as incentives. Each week has an incentive chart where you can put their stickers. The pages are full color, but are matte, so they are easy to write on. Each week is color coded. You will likely have to sit with your child as they do this workbook, but the amount of work each day isn't much, so it is easily doable. There are also tips in the front of the book for more ideas on getting the ready for the next school year. We homeschool, so we are using this book as an end of the year summary, rather than a summer readiness program. It works well for either." --Lindsey

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"During the summer months, kids forget so much of what they have learned during the school year. This book is awesome! It will be a great tool to use this summer to get my preschooler ready for the next school year. This book is intended to be used on a daily basis, with different activities for the day. There is also a sticker progress chart for the week and as well as an award certificate for when the book is finished. The activities are fun and engaging so the little ones look forward to doing them and don't realize that they are learning, just having fun. There is also an answer key in the back of the book. I really look forward to using this once school lets out!" --Allyson

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"This book is a great help for me in teaching our daughter at home. It helps me get her ready for Kindergarten and also helps her retain the information she is learning in Kindergarten.

The pictures are colorful and eye-catching - she was drawn to the book when she saw it. And the activities seem fun for her, for the most part.

I would recommend this book. :)" --Angela Reads

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"As a child I used to love receiving my Weekly Reader during the summer! This is much more robust, full of color and many activities to stimulate and reinforce counting, alphabet, writing and other topics. Fun for a rainy day or for some quiet time! Perfect for my grandson as he transitions from PreK to K." --Cabushka

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"Our daughter is 3, going on 4, and headed to her second year of Pre-K next year. We were looking to continue to challenge her throughout the year, and prepare her for another year of Pre-K with reading and writing. We've been very pleased with these books.


- Varied activities - from circling items, to writing, to finding things in pictures, she's challenged in many different learning styles and activities.

- She loves the stars at the beginning of each chapter. Each week, she gets a card full of sticker stars, and every day, she gets to affix her new stars to her chart.

- She can do these by herself, with minimal oversight / instruction. Most things are pretty clear.


- Some of the challenges are too easy or too hard for her. I think overall, the skill level is right, but she's a year young for this, so that may play into it.

- No others- we've been very happy with this." --Jason Stokes

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"This is perfectly suited for ages 4-5. For kindergarten prep, your child will be well ahead of the class.

These activities are terrific. The pages rip out if you want. They are numbered with a calendar, so you can do 2 activities per day (1 sheet, front & back) for 10 weeks. Enough for the summer break. But frankly we do about 5-10 exercises per day (sometimes a whole weeks worth in 1 day), so for us they go fast.

The star stickers are great - you get one star every day on the calendar, and little certificates when you complete a week. Really well designed, love them. Great gift idea if you're a grandparent.

The first few pages are a bit simple, but they get more challenging just a few pages in. I only wish they made more than one book per level because we are going through it so fast..

We've been attending a Waldorf school, which ignored common core, and is very light on traditional academic skills the first few years. So we do a lot of these kinds of workbooks for supplementation at home. Most of them are hit or miss, even the big brands. Weekly Reader is definitely one I recommend. Also Sylvan makes great age-appropriate workbooks that are fun for kids." --Mad Max

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"This "Summer Express" is loaded with activities that give grandchildren a chance to show off for grandma! It's also something that we can do together - and a wonderful excuse to sit down for some quiet time! I like the division into weeks - it gives grandma an opportunity to create a routine and keep interest fresh. If you have grandchildren visiting this summer, stock up with books and activity books like these!" --Barbara McArthur

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"We absolutely love this activity book for our toddler son. Not only it makes learning a fun experience with colorful and fun-to-do activities with handy tips for new parents like us on how to make it engaging for your child ..But it also makes it a rewarding and something to look forward to for your child with its reward based teaching methodology with daily Star stickers that have to be earned, Weekly completion certificates and a grand 10-Week course completion certificate. Our son is so proud of them & shows them to our visitors !


- The entire set of activities in the book are organized to be introduced over a ten week period with daily tear-away activity sheets with two activities per day

- Each day's activity sheet introduces a new learning topic which grows in complexity (for young kids) starting from simple matching the shapes moving on to writing, math and sounds

- The sheets are made of strong glossy paper, yet its good enough for using crayons for some of the coloring activities

- We loved the helpful tips and tibits for parents at the start of the book and at the beginning of each week's activities

- Comes with 120 Star incentive stickers which are more than sufficient for the 10 week's set of activities (which require 100) and leave some room for extra rewards when your child is extra 'nice'

- Comes with a complete answer key, luckily our little one hasn't wised up to it yet :)


We cant recommend this book enough to ALL parents whose children are getting ready for Pre-K as it makes learning a fun & rewarding experience with excellent content to boot. In fact just the other day I was listening to a newscast on 'All Things Considered' on NPR Radio about the state of New York's plans to introduce free Pre-K education to all 3 Year olds because there is proven science that early learning not only improves a child's ability to succeed in school/collage but studies have found that early learners had higher paying jobs much later in their lives as well. That alone is nothing compared to the price of this book. Highly Recommended" --Farhan K

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Publication Date: January 1st, 2017
Pages: 144
Language: English
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