The Voyage to Your Vision: Top Experts Chart the Course for Your Professional and Personal Journey to Success (Paperback)

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We all have the capacity to become what we want to be and achieve what we want to contribute to the world. Each one of us is blessed with the unique skills and abilities that are needed to become successful. On the path to success, we will undergo a wonderful and adventurous voyage. In the new Bestseller book, The Voyage To Your Vision, experts from across the globe gather to share the wisdom from their vast experiences with others and change lives during our turbulent times. Experts: Adriana Ellis, Allen Klein, Anne Redelfs, MD, Rev. M. Azima Jackson, MS, DMin, Barbara Bamba, Beverly Bergman, Brandy Faith Weld, Carol Davies, Carolyn Gross, Dr. Cathy L. Greenberg, Chaffee-Thanh Nguyen, Clint Arthur, Deberah Bringelson, Denise Joy Thompson, Divya Parekh, Donald Gilbert, Ph.D., Dorothy Kuhn, Drew Hunthausen, Elizabeth Olagunju, Dr. Francesca A. Jackson, Geri Portnoy, Gerry Wilson, Shari Yantes, Gary Barnes, Hal Price, Jan Michael Gaynor, Lauren Perotti, Dr. Louise Finlayson, Luis Vicente Garcia, Dr. Mamiko Odegard, Marcia Wieder, Professor Marilyn Horowitz, Mike Fritz, Nano Daemon, Paul Lawrence Vann, Dr. Richard Eley, Rick Frishman, Sabrina Williams, Dr. Simone Ravicz, Susanne Whited, Terry Zweifel, Dr. Tianna Conte, ND, and Viki Winterton.

About the Author

Viki Winterton is founder of Expert Insights Publishing, home of best-selling and award winning books and magazines, where visionaries and those on the rise come together to create immediate impact. Expert Insights Publishing is built on the solid foundation of over 25 years of expertise in promotion, publishing, product development, networking, and success. Fortune 100 companies and individuals across the globe know Viki for fostering powerful and loyal relationships and supporting her communities in wildly creative, unique, and wonderful ways.

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ISBN: 9780983737995
ISBN-10: 0983737991
Publisher: Expert Insights Publishing
Publication Date: November 16th, 2014
Pages: 340
Language: English