AIM for Millions with Stock Options: The Safe and Scientific Method to Profitable Investing with Long Term Stock Options (LEAPS) (Paperback)

AIM for Millions with Stock Options: The Safe and Scientific Method to Profitable Investing with Long Term Stock Options (LEAPS) Cover Image
By Jeffrey Weber, Brett Hoffstadt (Editor), R. Jay Hamer (Foreword by)
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As a young auditor in the US Army in the 1980's, Jeff Weber discovered Robert Lichello and his Automated Investment Management (AIM) method. Thanks to AIM, Jeff found a reliable way to earn profits automatically and safely from the inevitable market swings that typically bring stress and uncertainty to other investors.

With the creation of Long Term Equity Anticipation Securities (LEAPS) in 1990, a unique opportunity to profit even more from AIM was introduced. With LEAPS, investors have the dual benefits of greater leverage (one contract contains 100 options) plus greater profits due to the larger volatility that comes from options. LEAPS also preserve the low-risk philosophy of AIM because they can have a three year period, thus you can safely invest in a company LEAPS for one year or more.

With ten of the "boring" Dogs of the Dow stocks, a portfolio that used AIM would have increased an impressive 70% growth from January 2014 to May 2019. Investing in the LEAPS of those same ten companies, however, would have increased the portfolio 485% over the same timeframe using the AIM method.

Jeff Weber has been teaching others about AIM with LEAPS since the 1990's as he has continued to refine, expand, and improve it himself. In this, his third investing book, readers receive step-by-step instructions on how to earn profits systematically with AIM through formulas, calculations, and actual screenshots of online brokerage website steps. While any active investor can benefit from this method, special attention is given to FAANG investors - those who want to profit from the high tech revolution. Examples with a FAANG portfolio are featured in this book.

If you want to benefit from the greater leverage and volatility of stock options, yet want to avoid risk, uncertainty, and stress that typically comes from options trading, AIM for Millions with Stock Options will give you a proven, automatic process that has made methodical investors happy and wealthy for nearly 50 years, through up and down markets.

NOTE TO READERS: This book is available as both a paperback and ebook in order to reach the largest potential audience, however the Author and Editor strongly recommend the full-size and full color paperback version for greater readability and value. The spreadsheets, calculations, and online brokerage screenshots are much easier to view on the 8.5"x11" pages. Taking notes in the margins and using the paperback as a quick reference next to your computer are additional benefits.

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ISBN: 9780983730828
ISBN-10: 0983730822
Publisher: Brett Hoffstadt
Publication Date: August 26th, 2021
Pages: 122
Language: English