Systems Biology: Introduction to Pathway Modeling (Paperback)

Systems Biology: Introduction to Pathway Modeling By Herbert M. Sauro Cover Image


Computer models of biochemical systems are starting to play an increasingly important role in modern systems and synthetic biology. This monograph introduces students to some of the essential topics in biochemical modeling using differential equations and stochastic models. The book includes many hands-on modeling exercises using Python and examples that illustrate many important concepts, including the stoichiometric networks, building models, running simulations, model fitting, stability of systems and multicompartment systems. This is revision 1.17 (April 2020) and includes reworded chapters on model fitting including a completely new chapter on Bayesian Infernece.

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ISBN: 9780982477373
ISBN-10: 0982477376
Publisher: Ambrosius Publishing
Publication Date: April 28th, 2020
Pages: 462
Language: English