Diving Physiology In Plain English (Paperback)

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For all divers, beginner through instructor, search and rescue teams, training departments, health care providers, and family of divers. Complex topics translated into understanding. Fun stories and illustrated glossary.

Clear information to understand (not memorize) physiology and medicine, and apply to safer decompression, thermal, equipment, gas mixing, fitness to dive, nutrition, rescue, injuries, and to demystify the many claims and counterclaims in diving.

Topics in each chapter were selected from questions divers ask most frequently. In non-technical language this book explains the mysterious terminology of decompression tables and computers, reasons for interesting changes in your body underwater, effects of diving in cold water and in hot conditions, the interesting hows and whys behind diving maladies, Interesting facts like why decompression bubbles can be helpful in your body, free radicals and oxygen toxicity - will anti-oxidant vitamins protect against the oxidants involved in toxicity and more, how to get in shape for diving, and important nutrition topics for divers. An inclusive book with sections not only about women, but issues for men divers too including effects of pressure on penile and testicular implants, hair replacements, fertility, hernias, more...

There is a large, annotated glossary. More than a handy reference of definitions, it includes word derivations, key concepts, and fun stories behind the people and information.

With the information in this book you will be better equipped to make sense of the many claims and counterclaims in diving physiology. You will be better prepared to understand more advanced training classes. You will have information to make informed decisions concerning decompression tables and computers, be a healthier, fitter diver, and avoid diving injuries. You'll even learn neat scuba knowledge tidbits just for fun.

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ISBN: 9780930406134
ISBN-10: 0930406133
Publisher: Neck and Back Pain Sports Medicine
Publication Date: May 26th, 2021
Pages: 312
Language: English