Samurai Spirit: Ancient Wisdom for Modern Life (Paperback)

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Named an Honor Title by the Storytelling World Awards in the category of “Storytelling Anthologies"

The samurai prepared themselves for battle through physical practice, and the study of the arts. These ancient stories that inspired warriors so long ago have special significance for today’s teens who face battles of their own: battles against bullies; battles with self-doubt and lack of confidence; and battles with the injustices they see around them. Burt Konzak has taught martial arts for over 20 years and has used these stories, drawn from sources including the Hagakuri, the Book of Five Rings, and other Japanese classics, to help young people gain emotional and mental strength.

Whether or not readers are interested in the martial arts, they will find centuries of wisdom in this fine collection.

About the Author

Burt Konzak is a world renowned martial artist, scholar and teacher. He taught ethics and Asian philosophy for over twenty-five years at the University of Toronto, before becoming a full-time martial artist and teacher. He has studied in Canada the United States, Japan and Israel. He has written many scholarly works on ethics, mential health, Asian philosophy and martial arts. The culmination of his work has been the founding and Directing of the Toronto Academy of Karate, Fitness and Health.

Samurai Spirit is Burt Konak’s third book. Burt has used the stories in Samurai Spirit, to pass on centuries of wisdom to his students. He is the author of the critically acclaimed Girl Power: Self-Defense for Teens and Noguchi the Samurai.

Born in Far Rockaway, New York, Burt Konzak lives in Toronto with his wife and two daughters, all of whom study and teach karate.

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ISBN: 9780887766114
ISBN-10: 0887766110
Publisher: Tundra Books
Publication Date: October 8th, 2002
Pages: 144
Language: English