Situating Composition: Composition Studies and the Politics of Location (Hardcover)

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Responding to a growing pedagogical paralysis in debates over the nature and status of composition studies as an academic discipline, Lisa Ede offers a provocative inquiry into the politics of composition’s place in the academy. The result is a timely and engaging reflection on the rhetoric, ideology, and ethics of scholarship and instruction in composition studies today.

Situating Composition: Composition Studies and the Politics of Location delves into some of the most vexing issues presently facing the field: its status in relation to English studies, the nature and consequences of the writing process movement, the uneven professionalization of composition teachers, and the widening chasm between theory and practice. Ede interrogates key moments and texts in composition’s evolution, from the writing process movement to Susan Miller’s Textual Carnivals, through the interpretive lenses of historical analysis, theoretical critique, feminist and cultural theory, and Ede’s own two decades of experiences as a teacher and writing program administrator.

Questioning the narratives of progress and paradigm shifts that inform the field’s highly regarded recent theoretical studies, Ede urges scholars to carefully reconsider these claims, to honor the roles of teachers and students as more than dupes of ideology, and to more fully acknowledge—and utilize—the differences between the practice of theory and the practice of teaching. As academic hierarchies of knowledge increasingly privilege scholarship over instruction, Ede warns researchers to be cognizant of the politics and power inherent in their own location in the academy, particularly when professing to speak for teachers and students. To that end, the volume’s conclusion advocates pragmatic avenues for change and proffers topics for future discussion and debate.

About the Author

Lisa Ede is a professor of English and the director of the Center for Writing and Learning at Oregon State University. Her previous books include Singular Texts/Plural Authors: Perspectives on Collaborative Writing (with Andrea Lunsford), Essays on Classical Rhetoric and Modern Discourse (with Robert Connors and Andrea Lunsford), and Work in Progress: A Guide to Academic Writing and Revising.  

Praise For…

“In this outstanding work, Lisa Ede presents a major reconsideration of the process movement and its continuing influence in a field that has started to describe itself as post-process. With its unique perspective of the politics of location, Situating Composition will take its place among the well-established interpretive studies of composition as a field.”—John Trimbur, coauthor of The Politics of Writing Instruction: Postsecondary

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ISBN: 9780809325818
Publisher: Southern Illinois University Press
Publication Date: November 24th, 2004
Pages: 280
Language: English