The Complete Root Cellar Book: Building Plans, Uses and 100 Recipes (Paperback)

The Complete Root Cellar Book: Building Plans, Uses and 100 Recipes By Steve Maxwell, Jennifer MacKenzie, Len Churchill (Illustrator) Cover Image


Nature's way of storing fruits, vegetables and preserves.

Whether as a way to manage challenging economic times or retain a garden's bounty, root cellars are making a big comeback.

This book takes a fresh look at the art, science and romance of building and stocking a root cellar. There are detailed illustrated construction guides for making four different kinds of root cellars that are functional and attractive. These include never-before-seen models for apartment and condo dwellers and home owners without a basement.

The Complete Root Cellar Book provides technical information on using photovoltaics (solar cells) and other energy technologies to enhance a root cellar's performance and ecological sustainability. It also includes must-know information on how to choose, store and manage a supply of fruits, vegetables, nuts and preserves.

The book features 100 recipes that call for stored produce, many of which also make use of the root cellar's specific environment, such as sauerkraut and barrel-fermented dill pickles. These classic dishes, many with new twists, include:

Classic leek and potato soup
Golden puffed potato puddings
Maple pecan crumble apple pie
Classic carrot cake
Spiced pear butter
Three-onion relish

Root cellars are the best natural way to store food, and this book is the most complete and up-to-date reference available on this time-honored tradition.

About the Author

Steve Maxwell is a cabinetmaker, builder and award-winning home improvement author. Over the past two decades his articles have frequently appeared across North America. Jennifer MacKenzie is a professional home economist, author and editor with 15 years' experience in recipe development and testing.

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