Fans: Advertising & Souvenir: Advertising & Souvenir (Hardcover)

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Over 1750 photos present more than 1550 fans in all their artistry, some showing both sides. The informative descriptions of the fans are often amusing. Roughly 100 "factoids" in boxes accompanying the captions, give readers extra insight into these fascinating fans. The fans are divided into forty-three categories, from Agriculture to Wine. The gorgeous fans of casinos, expositions, hotels, railroads, and theaters are amazing. The delightful fans of the circus are an interesting contrast to the somber fans of funeral parlors. Fans advertising chocolate and other sweets, beer, Champagne, cool drinks, and spirits will pique your appetite for advertising fans. The authors are from different sides of the Atlantic so they were able to amass a dazzling array of fans representing Europe and North America, plus a handful from other locations. Two indexes show the wide variety of fans by artists as well as manufacturers and suppliers.

About the Author

Donald A. Bull has been collecting and writing for decades on subjects including breweries, beer advertising, Anri wood carving, Champagne collectibles, and corkscrews. Don lives in Virginia with his wife. Rodolphe Roger has collected over 2300 advertising fans. Rodolphe lives in France with his wife and two children.

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ISBN: 9780764340024
ISBN-10: 0764340026
Publisher: Schiffer Publishing
Publication Date: March 27th, 2012
Pages: 288
Language: English