Surviving Your Deposition: A Complete Guide to Help Prepare for Your Deposition (Paperback)

Surviving Your Deposition: A Complete Guide to Help Prepare for Your Deposition By Fredric J. Friedberg Cover Image


Next to a tax audit, one of the most daunting events in life has to be a legal deposition. The nervousness you felt when you learned you were to be called to testify, turns to absolute panic when you walk into a room full of lawyers, court stenographers, and opponents in the legal proceedings. You know that anything and everything you say will be examined under a microscope and that any inconsistencies or misstatements may lead to costly consequencies. Yes, there is a reason for that quiver in your voice. Finally, there is some help. Fred Friedberg, a noted lawyer in a corporate practice, offers an easy to read, concise, and helpful handbook for those who are facing a legal deposition. It takes them step by step through the process, from the basic ground rules to the follow-up. It covers the many "dos and don'ts" in plain language, and with the aid of humor explores the pitfalls and mistakes that you will face and how to avoid them. When you are finished reading it you will be able to face the process with the confidence that comes from understanding. In our litigious society, thousands of people face this ordeal every year. This book is designed for them. Every law firm in the country should have copies available for their clients.

About the Author

Fredric J. Friedberg lives in California, though his legal practice takes him around the country.

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ISBN: 9780764326745
ISBN-10: 0764326740
Publisher: Schiffer Publishing
Publication Date: March 12th, 2007
Pages: 128
Language: English