The Left-Hander Syndrome: The Causes and Consequences of Left-Handedness (Paperback)

The Left-Hander Syndrome: The Causes and Consequences of Left-Handedness By Stanley Coren Cover Image
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If you are among the 10 percent of people who happen to be left-handed, you've had to endure such derisive terms as "gauche" and "a left-handed compliment." At school you may have been forced to write with your right hand. And in another century your proclivity might have gotten you accused of witchcraft.

Any left-handed person, or the spouse, parent, or friend of one, will be captivated by this essential and eye-opening book. With bracing wit and a flawless command of current research, psychologist Stanley Coren answers such questions as:

Is left-handedness acquired genetically or socially?

Are southpaws more creative than their right-handed fellows?

Why do left-handers seem to die younger than right-handers?

What can left-handers do to counteract the perils and prejudices that confront them in a world that leans to the right?

About the Author

Stanley Coren is a professor emeritus of psychology at the University of British Columbia. He is the author of The Intelligence of DogsGods, Ghosts and Black Dogs; and other bestsellers about dogs. He, his wife, and their two dogs live in Vancouver, British Columbia.

Praise For…

"A rich account of the history, anthropology and neurobiology of handedness." -- Los Angeles Times

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ISBN: 9780679744689
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Publisher: Vintage
Publication Date: June 29th, 1993
Pages: 336
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