Black American Refugee: Escaping the Narcissism of the American Dream (Hardcover)

Black American Refugee: Escaping the Narcissism of the American Dream By Tiffanie Drayton Cover Image


Named "most anticipated" book of February by Marie Claire, Essence, and A.V. Club
"…extraordinary and representative."—NPR

"Drayton explores the ramifications of racism that span generations, global white supremacy, and the pitfalls of American culture."—Shondaland
After following her mother to the US at a young age to pursue economic opportunities, one woman must come to terms with the ways in which systematic racism and resultant trauma keep the American Dream inaccessible to Black people.

In the early '90s, young Tiffanie Drayton and her siblings left Trinidad and Tobago to join their mother in New Jersey, where she'd been making her way as a domestic worker, eager to give her children a shot at the American Dream. At first, life in the US was idyllic. But chasing good school districts with affordable housing left Tiffanie and her family constantly uprooted--moving from Texas to Florida then back to New Jersey. As Tiffanie came of age in the suburbs, she began to ask questions about the binary Black and white American world. Why were the Black neighborhoods she lived in crime-ridden, and the multicultural ones safe? Why were there so few Black students in advanced classes at school, if there were any advanced classes at all? Why was it so hard for Black families to achieve stability? Why were Black girls treated as something other than worthy?

Ultimately, exhausted by the pursuit of a "better life" in America, twenty-year old Tiffanie returns to Tobago. She is suddenly able to enjoy the simple freedom of being Black without fear, and imagines a different future for her own children. But then COVID-19 and widely publicized instances of police brutality bring America front and center again. This time, as an outsider supported by a new community, Tiffanie grieves and rages for Black Americans in a way she couldn't when she was one.

An expansion of her New York Times piece of the same name, Black American Refugee examines in depth the intersection of her personal experiences and the broader culture and historical ramifications of American racism and global white supremacy. Through thoughtful introspection and candidness, Tiffanie unravels the complex workings of the people in her life, including herself, centering Black womanhood, and illuminating the toll a lifetime of racism can take. Must Black people search beyond the shores of the "land of the free" to realize emancipation? Or will the voices that propel America's new reckoning welcome all dreamers and dreams to this land?

About the Author

Tiffanie Drayton is a mother, world traveler, and journalist whose work has been featured in The New York Times, Vox, Marie Claire, Playboy, Salon, and Complex, and on Yahoo, among other outlets. She has published two nonfiction young adult books, Developing Political Leadership Skills and Coping with Gun Violence. She grew up in the United States and currently lives with her family in Tobago

Praise For…

"…extraordinary and representative."
"Drayton's tale is told with verve and honesty."
—USA Today

"Drayton has written an engaging book, which is one of my favorite kinds to read. There are things I agree with, there are things I disagree with, there are things that are new to me. I hope everyone reads it for that reason."
Trevor Noah, The Daily Show

"Drayton’s rich storytelling reveals the complex roles ‘victims’ and ‘abusers’ play in ‘American racial stratification’ and offers a path toward healing for both. Those seeking to better understand the long-term effects of racism should pick this up."
Publishers Weekly

"Drayton examines her experiences as a Black woman in both countries, and how her personal story connects to the broader history of white supremacy."

"Drayton explores the ramifications of racism that span generations, global white supremacy, and the pitfalls of American culture."

"A welcome addition to the literature on race in America…. Drayton has a powerful story and the voice to do it justice."
Kirkus Reviews

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ISBN: 9780593298541
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Publisher: Viking
Publication Date: February 15th, 2022
Pages: 304
Language: English