Just Another Happy Easter Legend (Hardcover)

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Where in the Bible does it tell where Easter bunnies get to fly? What verse do Christians know so well that lets us jump to cut and dry? It's unfortunate that Easter day is accused of being a pagan ritual because an Easter egg hunt and a bunny is used for remembering Christ's resurrection before our children. Of course, for those who don't wish to see our biblical license to celebrate this way it may seem true. But trust Reaching Higher Press LLC to help dispel any notion that Christians don't have the right to span the globe with the truth that our high flyers, from eggs to eagles, and hard charging hares to humans, should sally forth with the good news which declares anyone can be born again to a home in heaven with a loving God. Just Another Happy Easter Legend (a poem story inspired by a name of God) is the first of several books which are available through Reaching Higher Press LLC, at BreddanBuddermanBooks.com, which populate our "Biblical Tales of Faith for Kids" series. This book is suitable for children age seven and up. For information about the author, "Breddan Budderman" please visit the website www.BreddanBuddermanBooks.com.

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ISBN: 9780578846576
ISBN-10: 0578846578
Publisher: Reaching Higher Press LLC
Publication Date: March 16th, 2021
Pages: 26
Language: English