Leaders & Software Engineers: Communicate and Motivate Without Speaking in Code (Paperback)

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You can inspire your team of software engineers to think optimistically, adopt change, and reach for strategic success-if you speak their language.

Seeing complex code in your mind is the great gift of a talented software engineer. Conversely, it can also limit the ability to communicate information in a less technical and straightforward way. When talking with management, great engineers might as well be speaking an alien language.

In Leaders & Software Engineers, IT Director and Chief Software Engineer Charles Weindorf provides the Rosetta Stone for communicating to engineers with stories, analogies, and humor to encourage excellence in your team. Discover how to deliver storytelling concepts that hit the mark and incite change in your highly logical team with this guide

You'll learn:

  • Communication strategies for the four common engineer job personalities: the Genius, the All-Star, the Introvert, and the Uncommon Sense.
  • Leadership skills beyond Scrum and agile systems to improve the speed, simplicity, and quality of project delivery.
  • Tips to tackle technological and organizational change to promote an openminded mindset in your team.
  • Ways to bridge the gap so experienced employees share company culture and new employees share energetic ideas.
  • How to instill security and ethic responsibility in developers working in a digital age of unlimited data access.

Encourage your team to succeed with an optimistic tone, a good dose of humor, and a touch of irony. Get Leaders & Software Engineers now and stop speaking in code

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ISBN: 9780578775340
ISBN-10: 0578775344
Publisher: Mudsox Publishing
Publication Date: March 29th, 2021
Pages: 318
Language: English