Cell Movement in Health and Disease (Paperback)

Cell Movement in Health and Disease By Michael Schnoor (Editor), Lei-Miao Yin (Editor), Sean Sun (Editor) Cover Image
By Michael Schnoor (Editor), Lei-Miao Yin (Editor), Sean Sun (Editor)


Cell Movement in Health and Disease brings the several scientific domains related to the phenomena together, establishing a consistent foundation for researchers in this exciting field.

The content is presented in four main section. The first explores the foundations of Cell Movement, including overviews of cellular structure, signaling, physiology, motion-related proteins, and the interface with the cellular membrane. The second part covers the biological aspects of cellular movement, starting with chemical and mechanical sensing, describing the types of cell movement, mechanics at cell level, cell physiology, collective behavior, and the connections with the extracellular matrix. The following chapters provide an overview of the molecular machinery involved and cell-type specific movement. The third part of the book is dedicated to the translational aspects of cell movement, highlighting the key conditions associated with cell movement dysfunction, like cell invasion in cancer, wound healing, developmental issues, neurological dysfunctions, and immune response. The final part of the book covers key methods and modeling tools for cell movement research, including predictive mathematical models, in vitro and in vivo methods, biophysical and bioinformatics tools.

Cell Movement in Health and Disease is the ideal reference for scientists from different backgrounds converging to expand the understanding of this key cellular process. Cellular and molecular biologists will gain a better understanding of the physical principals operating at cellular level while biophysicist and biomedical engineers will benefit from the solid biology foundation provided by the book.

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ISBN: 9780323901956
ISBN-10: 0323901956
Publisher: Academic Press
Publication Date: April 4th, 2022
Pages: 384
Language: English