The Oxford Guide to Word Games (Hardcover)

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"an absorbing romp through the history of mankind's preoccupation with the 403 septillion ways that the letters of the alphabet can be combined." -Los Angeles Times
From the highbrow riddle to the lowly pun, The Oxford Guide to Word Games provides a comprehensive history of verbal wit and word play. Charades, hangman, anagrams, and tongue-twisters are among the many popular games described vividly in this new, updated edition of the lively guide to all kinds of word games and word play. With sections added to incorporate new and evolving games, Tony Augarde offers a highly entertaining history of the games and how to play them.
Organized thematically, the book examines twenty-six forms of word game in absorbing detail, including Scrabble and Spoonerisms, crosswords and chronograms, riddles and puns. Neither the crossword addict nor the student of linguistics and lexicography will be able to resist.

About the Author

Tony Augarde worked at Oxford University Press for many years and has compiled and edited a number of Oxford reference books including The Oxford Dictionary of Modern Quotations. He is also the author of Oxford Word Challenge and The Oxford A-Z of Word Games (1994), a practical 'How To' companion to The Oxford Guide to Word Games. He has broadcast word quizzes on various radio programmes and writes a regular wordplay column for the Oxford Times.

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ISBN: 9780198662648
ISBN-10: 0198662645
Publisher: Oxford University Press, USA
Publication Date: July 10th, 2003
Pages: 304
Language: English