Shuffle and Deal: 50 Classic Card Games for Any Number of Players (Hardcover)

Shuffle and Deal: 50 Classic Card Games for Any Number of Players By Tara Gallagher Cover Image


Improve your skills or learn to play fifty of the most popular card games for any number of players with this fully illustrated color guide featuring vintage art from around the world.

Whether you’re looking forward to a quiet night at home or planning a get-together with friends, Shuffle & Deal includes one-on-one play as well as party games for two to four players. Tara Gallagher has curated a selection of classics, each chosen for its fun factor as well as its nostalgic value. Here are games that we (or our parents) grew up with: Rummy, Spit, Cribbage, Crazy Eights, Canasta, Cucumber, Egyptian Ratscrew, Cheat, Betrayal, Scat, 9-Hole Golf, Wall Street, Buh, 7-Hand Rummy, Hearts, Ghost, and more.

Gallagher includes complete rules and variations, fascinating anecdotes about card-playing history, strategies for winning, and a glossary of “card-speak” jargon. Featuring a wide selection of games and a handy bookmark, and illustrated with rich, colorful card art from medieval times to the present day, Shuffle & Deal offers hours of fun for all ages.

About the Author

Tara Gallagher is an amateur cardsharp and the author of the children's history book The 100 Greatest Moments in Irish History. She lives in Brighton, England.

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ISBN: 9780062385833
ISBN-10: 0062385836
Publisher: Harper
Publication Date: June 16th, 2015
Pages: 160
Language: English